Youth Ministry


Sunday @10am Family Day

The Youth Ministry @g2

Chris Rapp lives in the Warrenton area. He has raised 3 young men to be god loving individuals. Chris gave his life to Christ 20+ years ago and continues to grow in his faith every day. Growing up in NY attending Catholic church he never truly understood what it meant to have a relationship with our Lord, through faith and learning, Chris soon began to learn what it means to have Jesus living inside of you and the grace that is there for all to receive.  Chris looks forward to meeting with all the g2 young adults (Ages 11-18) and is committed to encouraging them through easy to understand biblical teachings and fellowship. Grab a friend and join the movement making history in Marshall VA.  The next generation will understand the true meaning of life and the amazing relationship with Jesus that can be had!  Keep up with all events through our Facebook page.