Group Guitar Class


Sunday @10am Family Day

Welcome to the G2 group guitar class taught by John Jewell of Jewell Tone Music

Start date is February 28, 2021 and we will meet for 8 weeks.

We will get together right after the morning worship service at around 11:15am and go for one hour. Jewell Tone Music will provide music stands for the class, and all necessary course materials. 

We will be be splitting the group in two. The first group will be for the very beginners, and the second group will be for students that have had some experience playing guitar. 

The primary goal is to learn guitar and have fun while doing so!

The beginner group will work on the following:

1) Understanding the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, and how to tune the guitar. 

2) Basic music theory and counting rhythms (will apply to both groups).  

3) How to hold the pick and play various basic strumming patterns.  

4) How to play at least 4 songs and play at least one song with the intermediate group.

The intermediate group will work on the following:

1) How to master the 14 open chords related variations.

2) Understand how these chord patterns relate to more advanced barre chords.

3) Fretboard theory

4) Study various picking and strumming patterns for for 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time.

5) How to play at least 4 intermediate songs, including some common worship songs.